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A new community for fans of Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel to post all things relating to their relationship. Icons and videos are welcome, as are fanfiction or basically anything else you want to post. However, please be considerate when posting, and please try to follow the rules:

1. This community is not for promoting other communities or personal journals. Fake cuts to your journal are allowed, as long as that entry isn't friends locked.
2. All entries must be behind a cut. Icons can have up to 3 teasers above the cut.
3. Please remember this community is about Idina and Kristin.
4. Please try to give some idea of your post's subject in it's title.
5. We're all friends here, so let's all be nice to each other. No flaming whatsoever. Constructive criticism is great, but not everyone wants negative feedback on their things. The person who posts an entry should moderate the comments on that entry themselves. I'll step in for things that are hugely offensive, but other than that, use your own judgment.
6. It's your choice whether you lock your posts or keep them open. Videos and other links must be locked, however. Other than that, use your own discretion. Preference is locked, but it's up to you.
7. Basically, join, post or comment, and enjoy! Follow the rules, be friendly, and we'll all have a great time!

When posting fanfiction, everything must be behind a cut. Please format your titles with [Title] by [Name], [Rating]. (Without the brackets). Please also include the following above the cut:
As well as any warnings or other information you think is necessary. For the rating on multi chapter stories, for archival purposes, please rate each chapter on it's own. All fanfiction will by sorted by author as well as rating. Stories about someone other than Idina or Kristin, or a pairing involving one but not the other, is allowed. Please just make sure that the focus of the story is Chenzel.

Also, I understand than RPF isn't what everyone enjoys. However, freedom of speech allows the right for people to write it. If you have a specific problem with someone's posting, either message them directly, comment on a mod post, or message me directly. Those options are in the order I prefer you try.

The members of this community make no claim to know the inner workings of Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel's relationship. All works here are not meant to represent real life. Fanfiction contained in this community is just that, fiction.

Please do not steal icons or other graphics members of this community post. Same goes for fanfiction.

Membership is now open! Join, post, and have fun!